Quartz Beaker w/ Banger Nail

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Quartz Beaker w/ Banger Nail
Quartz Beaker w/ Banger Nail



This Piranha Quartz Beaker is perfect for those searching for both convenience and quality. This upgrade of the classic beaker stands at just 5” tall. Its size makes it the perfect dab rig for someone who likes to take their rig on the road without any hassle.
What’s more, it comes at a very reasonable price – but this is not at the expense of taste and performance.
Piranha pride themselves on delivering high quality at a low price point – this product is the epitome of this! 
Its carefully considered design makes the smoking experience extremely enjoyable. The neck is angled, ensuring that your face is kept away from the heat.
This convenience in design does not end there! The downstem is fixed onto the beaker part of the rig, simplifying the cleaning and maintenance of the rig.
The Quartz Beaker with Banger Nail is also engraved with Piranha’s logo. 
As the name suggests, the Piranha Quartz Beaker is made entirely from Quartz. Being completely transparent allows users to watch the magic unfold. The downstem of this dab rig is designed to sit beneath the water level, thereby filtering the smoke through the water. This contributes to an enjoyable, smooth, and tasteful dab every single time!
Cleaning this Quartz Beaker couldn’t be easier. All that’s needed is some isopropyl alcohol.
Thanks to the attached downstem, this process couldn’t be simpler. Rinse and wash the rig with the alcohol, inside and out, and you’re done!
1. Who is this product for? 
This is the perfect product for those seeking a user-friendly dabbing experience for a surprisingly low price. 
It is small and very transportable, making this perfect for stoners who like dabbing on the go! Whether you’re a seasoned dab-veteran or a novice, this Piranha Quartz Beaker nail dab rig is flawless. It produces quality smoke which even the most experienced users will appreciate. 
2. Does this product have a warranty? 
Yes, it does! The product comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. 
That being said, we are certain you won’t need it! 
The Piranha Quartz Beaker is built with care and consideration which makes it very durable. The downstem is purposefully att

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