Sesh Supply Glass Blunt – Pack of 2

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Sesh Supply Glass Blunt – Pack of 2
Sesh Supply Glass Blunt – Pack of 2



A paperless way to puff, puff, pass. 
The ever-popular “Sesh Slider” is a glass blunt perfect on-the-go smoking accessory.
Shaped like a chillum but capable of so much more, our glass blunts allow the user to load more dry herb per sesh, perfect for passing around the circle. An excellent option if you love smoking blunts but don’t enjoy the hassle of rolling them or keeping them lit properly and burning evenly. Also a great choice for people who don’t enjoy ingesting all of the tobacco in most blunt wraps!
Just pull back the inner glass tube to set the amount for a perfectly customized experience each time.  
Chamber holds1-1.5 grams of legal smoking product into the chamber
Simply push the the tube in to ash when finished
Available in multiple colors and adorned with a gold Sesh Supply logo.
Better grab one while you can—we can barely keep them in stock! 
Glass Blunt
If you want a device that’s easier to use than rolling paper, but as classy as a well-crafted hand pipe, glass blunts are the way to go. Instead of having to master the art of rolling, getting your hands sticky, or smoking an entire blunt on your own, users can simply load the glass blunt, light it, and go. These devices make it simple to load just the right amount for your needs, whether you are smoking alone or with friends.
How it Works
For this type of glass blunt by Sesh Supply, the device uses a slide mechanism for loading and ashing. They are constructed with an outer tube and an inner tube, held in place by a rubber casing. The user slides the inner tube out to pack the device with their product. After the product is loaded, the user slides the inner tube down until it touches the product. The product should be packed loosely—enough for efficient airflow to take place. For those who like smaller hits, pack it a bit tighter. Larger hits will require a much looser packing. After the product is loaded sufficiently, light the end and inhale through the mouthpiece. If you go too long between hits, you may have to relight the product to produce smoke again. However, this does ensure that no product is wasted to the atmosphere—an added bonus!
After the end of the product is burnt and used, gently slide the inner tube forward to ash. Take care when ashing, as aggressive pushing can cause unused product to fall out with the ash. Most of the ash should stay inside the device until you’re ready to remove it. This is one convenience over rolling papers where users must practice constant alertness to their ashing needs.
Glass cigars are healthier alternatives to rolling papers, and their re-usability makes them environmentally friendly as well. However, they can also act as a vaporizer for users who want an even healthier substitute for smoking their favorite product. After the product is loaded, instead of lighting the product, just heat the glass beneath the product to use it as a vaporizer. As you move the flame back and forth below the product, the glass and product will heat up enough to produce vapor. Inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece for a purely non-combusted hit of your favorite product without any extra chemicals or additives.
Cleaning a Glass Blunt
In order to achieve effective and efficient use of your device, regular cleaning is a must. Resin can build up enough inside the device and prevent the parts from sliding as they should. This can lead to breaking or cracking, which is just a bummer. Luckily, cleaning a glass blunt is easy. You can either fill the device with isopropyl alcohol or let it soak in a bag full of isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on how dirty your device is. Then, separate the pieces and rinse each off individually. Both the resin and cleaning solution should be completely rinsed away, and the device should be fully dry before using again.

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