Southern Dabber x Daily High Club “Combo King” Dab Rig/Bong

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Southern Dabber x Daily High Club “Combo King” Dab Rig/Bong
Southern Dabber x Daily High Club “Combo King” Dab Rig/Bong



The one stop shop for all things smoke, this combination bong and dab rig make this single glass piece perfect for the combo king himself, SouthernDabber420!
The huge reinforced matrix perc in the large can makes for major diffusion on hits of all sizes. The reinforced slitted downstem in the small can means more flavor from vapors. Our team of smoking geniuses designed the piece to have two completely separate chambers so your different smokes and waters don’t interfere with each other and spoil the taste.
Included is a thick-walled 90 degree fully quartz banger that allows for excellent heat retention and original flavor. This retractable dab nail is a 14mm, male banger to use for all your DHC favorites!
This versatile glass water pipe, works for both a water bong and dab rig. To use as a bong, simply switch out your nail for your flower bowl.
    Height: 14’’
    Material: Borosilicate Glass
    – 14mm Male Quartz Banger
    – Male 90 degree Nail
     – Branded
     – High Heat Retention
     – Premium Quality
     – Two 90 Degree Joints
     – Two Female Joints
     – Portable
     – Ergonomic Design
     – Slitted Downstem (Smaller Can)
     -Matrix Perc (Large Can)
What’s Included With Box?
-Accented Mini Dab Rig
-14  mm Male Quartz Banger (90 degree)
-18  mm Male Flower Bowl

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